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I enjoy working for Dunnes Stores but it's come to a point where I need a new challenge.

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Friendly environment. Worked in all areas of the store, from working with morning staff to getting the stock set up for the day, till work, helping and creating a friendly environment for the customers. Skills learned in this job was working as a team, time keeping and overall dedication to the job.

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Management of the over all place was understanding and also helped in situations. Most enjoyable part was the skills and people met throughout the time spent there.

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Nice workplace. The most enjoyable part of the job was tidying the shop and helping the customers. I got on with my co-workers quite well which made the experience more enjoyable. A typical day at work was working on the tills for a few hours then when the shop was very quiet, I helped put the returns back on the shelves. Not a good employer. I have worked in Dunne's Stores for the past 5 years and I can honestly say they have been the worse 5 working years of my life.

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The management are unprofessional, the pay is low and I have had the same uniform for the past 2 years. Everytime I ask for one I am told that their are none available. I work in Dunne's stores in northern Ireland and can see that the republic of Ireland staff seem to be a lot better off than myself and my work friends.

Great place to work for! A typical day at Dunnes Stores is basically doing everything we possibly can to meet the customers needs and wants and helping them with anything we can.

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I work on the tills which has a lot of cash handling, so therefore I think my cash handling skills have increased over the years so I am very confident with that. We also have to go into our stock room each morning and put out different sizes of clothes that have been sold or if there is an empty gondola table and there is stuff in the stock room to go out we usually merchandise the gondola so that its suitable and matches in with whats beside it.

To help the customers in every way possible, if we don't have a size of clothing that they want we can go out of our way and phone up another store directly and ask if they have that specific item and if they can hold it back in their store. We also price the stock and put it out if we've got a delivery that day.

Occasionally on Sunday's one person is on for 2 hours themselves in the morning or 2 hours in the evening for tidying time, which I do quite a lot. At the end of the day we tidy the shop floor by sizing and putting everything back in its original position, we don't do any cleaning except if something has been spilled by a customer for health and safety reasons or the occasional behind the till clean as we have cleaners that come in every morning. You will have to do it in every job, every day anyways. On a day to day basis I learn more and more about cash handling as I'm dealing with it all the time, problem solving as you have to work around a problem or try to fix it and stock control as we have to find places to put the products by blending it in with other products so it doesn't look out of place.

The management at Dunnes Stores is really great and helpful as they are willing to help you with anything, for example with work or outside of work. There are approx 5 managers in the store, they're not all usually in at the same time unless it's a Saturday and it's the busy period, but one manager is dedicated to the one floor which is good as whoever is on your floor really gets to know you better and you feel more comfortable being able to talk to them about your problems rather than changing manager all the time.

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Ir a directorio de empresas. Cv Ana Montes Roca Hola Estoy interesada en trabajar con vosotros. Me gustaraia mucho trabajar en Dunnes Stores porque es una empresa que se adapta a mis espectativas, me encanta la moda y la decoracion, soy cliente habitual de Dunnes Stores y me encantaria formar pa..